Auto Body, Collision and Paint Repair Specialists

Located in Northridge, CA

You’re Our Family. We Work For You, not the Insurance Companies.

Featured Services

We analyze the entire auto to see what needs to be done. Then we tell you what we’ll do and what it will cost and then we’ll do exactly what we say. Nothing more, nothing less.

We recognize it’s most important that the paint matches perfectly, so we ensure it does, which restores the car to the way it should look.

An accident usually damages the frame. We know this, so we guarantee we will correct it and make sure your car is properly aligned.

Sometimes, you don’t need full collision repair. If so, we will repair only the dent, saving you time and money.

We do this as a courtesy and to show our appreciation that you chose us to service your vehicle. We promise that when you leave, your car will look as new as possible.